Virtual Server

Virtual Hosting

Y2K offers fully customisable virtual hosting. Our solution offers high-availability virtual machines (VMs) that are stable, secure, and robust – with redundancy and disaster recovery built in. Our VMs are...


Managed Virtual Server

Microsoft Private Cloud

Get the proprietary Microsoft tools needed to support your collaboration, communication, and business intelligence needs – without worrying about the deployment, hosting, and management thereof. The Y2K Microsoft private cloud...


Data Centre Hosting

Co-Location Hosting

When your network goes down, you lose opportunities and revenue, as well as your hard-won reputation and the trust of your customers. Avoid this nightmare by using Y2K ’s co-locational service,...


Application Delivery


Cloudware is a delivery mechanism that delivers any application to any device (iPad, Android, Mac, and Linux) over any connection seamlessly with no additional development required and uses less bandwidth!...