Who sends faxes anyway, right? Uh, wrong. The truth is the much-maligned fax is still very much in use in businesses across the world. Fax is convenient, affordable, accessible, and trustworthy – often used for sharing documents that require a hardcopy interaction (like your original signature), manual filling in, or even from an audit trail perspective.

Bulk Mailer

Introducing your go-to business communications tool – and customer intelligence ‘gatherer’. Compose your message or newsletter online, then let Bulk Mailer send thousands of copies by email, mobile or social...



RightFax is a computer-based fax solution aimed at businesses that need centralised and sophisticated fax capabilities. This enterprise-grade solution offers fax and document distribution that integrates with other digital tools,...


RightFax Traffic Solutions

Y2K offers two additional solutions for managing fax traffic, and making the most of your RightFax investments. Firstly, Vbill lets RightFax clients reduce the cost of their outbound fax tariffs,...


RightFax Professional Services

Monitoring, maintenance and management of your RightFax server is available in the form of professional services from Y2K . RightFax is an advanced computer-based fax solution – capable of large volume...