Email Security


Say goodbye to the frustration and downtime of managing an assortment of disparate email security and backup solutions work. Mimecast Unified Email Management (UEM) is a powerful system that combines...


Endpoint Security


It’s not just your office network that must be protected from malicious code, worms and other cyber threats. Your most precious data is often housed or used on your personal...


Network Security


To keep your local network safe, and your company information and resources private and secure, you need a next-generation firewall and the managed firewall service from Y2K . This service includes...


Reporting And Analysing

Firewall Analyser

Firewall Analyser is a cloud-based security solution that monitors and analyses the status of your FortiGate firewall, providing real-time analysis of logs. Enjoy complete visibility of your FortiGate solution with...


Secure Your Premises

Guardian Eye

Enjoy peace of mind with Guardian Eye, a virtually connected security solution. This remote-monitoring and management tool communicates via your existing broadband connection at your business premises, keeping costs manageable....