Say goodbye to the frustration and downtime of managing an assortment of disparate email security and backup solutions work. Mimecast Unified Email Management (UEM) is a powerful system that combines security, continuity, and archiving functions, targets malware, spam, phishing, data leaks, outages and social engineering attacks. UEM gives you a streamlined, high-performance exchange server that is the perfect solution for secure, always-on business email – available in “Express” and “Enterprise” options for growing and established businesses.

How It Works


What outage?

Intuitive and powerful desktop (with Microsoft Outlook integration) and mobile tools for rapid search, and an always-on inbox even during local outages.


A single, tightly integrated cloud-based service compatible with Microsoft Outlook, and designed for and compatible with onsite Hosted Exchange and Office 365.

Cloud-based perpetual archive

The cloud-based archive for email is a highly secure and scalable solution to meet growing information management challenges, including adherence to data retention requirements to support legal discover and regulatory compliance, It also provides employees with rapid access to their historical information to help gain more value from retained data.

Cyber Resilience for your email

Mimecast email security includes protection from malware-less social engineering attacks, weaponized attachments and malicious URL’s. The built in Targeted Threat Security is considered a comprehensive cloud-based email security and compliance solution on the market today. It’s massively scalable mail transfer agent (MTA)with its multiple layers of malware and spam protection acts as your email gateway, stopping known and emerging email borne threats before they reach your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, since the service incorporates a comprehensive solution that protects from targeted threats incl. URL, attachments and impersonation attacks.

Emails are stored for up to 99 years and the archive has an unlimited storage size.

Not as long as the service is cloud based and assists with reducing cost and complexity of managing email.

Mimecast services can integrate with all mail platforms (Office 365, Hosted Exchange or onsite exchanges).

The service will allow for access to live and historical email from familiar email client interfaces and supports business continuity planning.