Voice Over GSM

Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is the dominant network standard for mobile communication. Using GSM SIM termination, we’re able to provide advanced least-cost routing technology to pass on significant savings to our customers. Our voice product that uses this infrastructure is Voice Supreme, a value-for-money alternative to VoIP that could reduce your call costs by up to 40%

Voice Supreme

Voice Supreme is a comprehensive voice solution for your business, giving you the freedom to cut loose of traditional voice providers, and offering massive savings on outbound call charges. Y2K ...


Voice Over IP

The relaxed interconnect environment has created flexibility and price competition like never before. Voice over IP means there is now a quality option for every budget and an innovative solution for every business need.

Uncapped Voice

This voice call solution is one that really works for business, not the other way round. With Uncapped Voice, you can put an end to rapid phone bill escalation: pay...


Cristal Y2K

Cristal Y2K is a complete corporate voice solution which delivers both outbound and inbound voice traffic, at much lower rates than traditional providers. This innovative product provides a real alternative...



Imagine a competitive, sophisticated IP voice solution that is so cost-effective it actually pays you… On top of quality voice provision, Chrome offers extensive reporting options, and true per-second billing..


Chrome Air

Slash your call costs by up to 50% with Y2K Telecom’s wireless voice-only solution, Chrome Air. This quality voice IP system is the perfect fit for homes and small business...