Asset Tracking

Unless you watch your assets around the clock, you don’t know whether they’re safe and working optimally. Now, thanks to the Y2K IoT Asset Tracker, portability, cost, and usability of your possessions will no longer be an issue. When your assets go missing or get stolen, and time is of the essence, locate them quickly. Act on the alerts received to create workflows to take appropriate action before the situation becomes problematic. Reduce downtime and optimise productivity by keeping a close eye on who uses what asset for what task. It’s a no-brainer: protect your assets and sleep better at night.

How It Works


Low-cost and low-energy, Y2K 's IoT Asset Tracking's applications are infinite, and the features and benefits endless:

Aids in Recovering Stolen Goods

Y2K IoT-enabled devices also include years of battery life. This peace of mind helps insurance companies and the police work together to recover stolen cars, motorcycles, lorries, utility vehicles, and more.

Keeps Track of Your Luggage

It’s a nightmare losing your luggage during a trip! Simply put a little smart tracker in your bag and you can track the position of your suitcase, your golf clubs, or your kids on your smartphone while travelling.

Detects the Condition of Goods

Many goods – like medicine and food – need to be transported with great care, and under specific conditions, in order to be viable. Asset Tracker alerts you if valuable and fragile shipments are being subjected to shock, which aids in damage prevention.

Optimises the Supply Chain

Tracking Systems report data like temperature, shock, and tilt – which brings key metrics for quality control and traceability. Trackers also collect location data from fleets of returnable containers, pellets, parcels and trolleys, offering valuable insights into the value-chain journey.

Monitors Rental Management

Thanks to our devices that allow you to set a geofencing feature, you can track everything from bags, golf carts, containers, tractors, tools, equipment – and so much more. The list is endless.

Locates Your Pets

There's nothing worse for a pet-owner than when their beloved fur babies go missing. With Asset Tracker, you can keep an eye on your beloved pets at all times - no matter where they go.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ultimate goal of asset tracking is simple: to save time and money. Tracking assets provides invaluable information about asset usage (who is using what, where and when), maintenance and calibration schedules, and need for new equipment. The data collected via asset tracking can be used to support decision making, prevent losses, and maximise asset utilisation rates.

Various industries can benefit from asset tracking. However, the use cases can vary depending on the business domain. Here are some examples:

  • Construction: Keeping track of commonly used tools across multiple work sites and warehouses.
  • Healthcare: Indoor and outdoor tracking of medical equipment.
  • Education: Making sure expensive laboratory equipment stays within university campus area (geofencing).
  • Leasing: Keeping records of leased equipment and generating customer invoicing information based on actual usage.

Dimensions are 110 x 58 x 30 mm. Weight is 100 grams. All devices can operate between -200C and +650C, and they have a long battery life. They’re lightweight and easy to set up. Just plug-in and go.

Mounting options include screws, rivets, tie-wraps and double-sided tape. The Asset Tracker is compact, meaning it would be positioned in a place that isn’t visible to the naked eye.