Faxster offers the functionality and convenience of RightFax in the cloud. Take your small business to the next level by faxing critical documents – like application forms, purchase orders and statements – to pretty much any web-enabled external application. If you’re ready to extend beyond old school fax, choose Faxster for desktop fax-to-email, MFP integration and API integrations with business tools like ERP systems, call centres applications and other systems.

How It Works


Re-inventing fax

Traditional faxing has its limits. Faxster enables this business-critical function to integrate with other web devices, keeping your documents secure.

Cost effective technology

This market-leading technology is more efficient: pay only for usage, keep existing numbers and move your fax to your desktop.

An audit trail and super search function

Records fax activity and lets you search your fax documents from any search engine, two true digital office wins.

Reliable routing

Your information will be delivered into the right hands with Faxster’s automatic correct-routing function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only on an 086 number, number porting or geographic numbers have charges associated with receiving faxes.

No. You will send and receive via your email.

Yes, via the available Application Program Interface.

We can integrate it, depending on make and model. Level of integration varies.

No. Only one email address per number is allowed. You can set up a distribution group and use that email address.

Yes. Port it to Y2K .

Yes. If you can access your email, you will be able to view your faxes. This can be done anywhere in the world.

You can forward the fax attachment to multiple recipients by sending it as you would with any other email.