SMS Shortcodes

Get a simple five-digit shortcode for your inbound campaigns, promoting convenient engagement between users and call centres or help desks. When a customer uses the assigned shortcode, this lands on our server and is redirected to your call centre as a handy email to enable timely follow-ups. You carry the cost of the return call – maximising service satisfaction for those inbound customers. Our shortcode service includes a link to the SMS Online tool for bulk sends to databases. We also offer an optional auto-response reply to any shortcode messages received.

How It Works


Up the engagement

Make a convenient SMS shortcode available to your customers and potential customers, to support sales, customer service and support.

Email-based delivery

We will send you the text as an email (with the original cell number reflected) to facilitate trackable, manageable replies from your company to the originator.

Low cost to customers

You carry the cost of the returned call, which is particularly valuable in mass market applications where users are typically cautious about spending money on external calls.

Simple and functional

Our SMS shortcode service is a simple workaround for both sides of the conversation: cheap and easy for customers, robust and convenient for companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All the SMS product including SMS Uniserver are offered as cloud products.

Any SMS received by a mobile operator will be charged for even if not delivered.

Yes. If an SLA is taken out 24/7 support is available on all SMS products.

For enterprises, Y2K operates in a corporate environment where pre-paid models are not supported. However, for SMEs pre-paid bundles are available for purchase.