If ShareCall (0860) costs are picking away at your profits, opt for massive savings using SmartShare, our call re-routing service. SmartShare converts the national call rate into an internet protocol (IP) charge by first re-routing incoming calls country-wide, then zipping them through our last mile technology, straight to your office. On average this translates into savings of 30% to 40%. With our points of presence (PoPs) strategically located throughout the country, your incoming calls travel regionally onto the core network to the applicable branch or office, and last mile delivery is over our premium Cristal Y2K service.

How It Works


Number retention

Keep your current ShareCall (0860) numbers so your customers experience no change in service access.

Intelligent IP

It’s simple: your customers pay standard 0860 rates, but SmartShare converts your Telkom charge to Y2K ’s low network rate.

A true cost-saving solution

Watch your cash flows increase by saving between 30% and 40% on share call costs.

Best support

Our extensive network of PoPs re-route calls throughout the country. A managed service and extensive reporting are included.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Savings are based purely on Telkom originated calls. That is why a detailed SALY (site analyser) report is put together to show actual savings based on current call patterns.

No. The 0860 number will remain as is and still belong to Telkom.

Unfortunately not. Current legislation prohibits porting of non-geographic numbers (like 0860, 0800, 0861, etc).