Voice Supreme

Voice Supreme is a comprehensive voice solution for your business, giving you the freedom to cut loose of traditional voice providers, and offering massive savings on outbound call charges. Y2K ’s advanced technology enables least-cost routing through GSM SIM termination, the upshot of which is a drastic reduction (by up to 40%*) on your monthly mobile and local phone bills.

*Compared to traditional telephony providers

How It Works


A better choice

Voice Supreme is an advanced and extremely cost-effective alternative to VoIP least-cost routing, ideal for developing businesses.

We cover the extra fees

No costly extras taking a chunk out of the bottom-line: we cover SIM-related subscription fees and bundled minutes management costs. Plus, no minimum billing.

Free hardware

Y2K will install and maintain the necessary hardware, ensuring interoperability with all PBX brands.

Failover service

Voice Supreme is a perfect failover service - form of redundancy – to other primary voice services from Y2K .

Frequently Asked Questions

Call quality over GSM least cost routing is very similar to the quality a user experiences when making use of their mobile phones.

Yes, Y2K will install multiple devices to offer many outbound concurrent calls. Please note, inbound services are restricted to one call per inbound number.

Unfortunately not, suppliers prohibit the use of GSM LCR SIMs in mobile handsets.

No, Voice Supreme is designed exclusively for voice services.


Call Type Y2K Other Providers Savings
Local / National R0.44 R0.46 4%
Mobile R0.75 R1.30 42%
Per second billing Per minute billing
Pricing VAT inclusive Pricing VAT inclusive
Pricing as advertised may be subject to CPI related price increases as per terms and conditions