Hardware As A Service

Outsource your IT Hardware to Y2K on a monthly rental, and benefit from best-of-breed vendors and regular technology refreshes.

Why buy depreciating assets, when you can rent your hardware?

How It Works


Simplified, high-tech hardware environment

Keep up-to-date with the latest technology and avoid capital outlay on depreciating equipment, while ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

Lean OPEX Model

Predictable and transparent per-user monthly pricing, PLUS no recurring costs of hardware refreshes or costs of disposal when the equipment becomes obsolete.

Hardware Flexibility

Hardware can be upgraded/downgraded any time during the rental agreement, or at the end of it pending contract renewal.

No hassle, fast deployments

Unlike major capital expenditures that may need to be planned months in advance, rental agreements can be implemented immediately with the added benefit of the latest OS and custom-customer disk images.

Frequently Asked Questions

They say that you should buy assets that appreciate, and rent ones that depreciate. Buying hardware outright ties up valuable capital that would be better directed to more efficient, competitive operations of the business. Or if loans are required to fund such acquisitions, they come with their own disadvantages – including the liability they create on the balance sheet, not to mention high levels of interest paid. Either of these options can cause severe budget spikes. At the same time, the equipment is becoming outdated day-by-day, reducing its value. It also leaves items worth a tiny fraction of their purchase price.

Yes. The risks of ownership are removed, including costs of disposal (plus sale at a loss) if the equipment becomes obsolete. Renting provides the lowest cost because a trade-in value is already built into the repayments. Moreover, the entire solution can be acquired in a single hit and used immediately, rather than being bought piecemeal as funds allow. Renting enables faster return on investment – with cash purchases, it takes much longer before the cost benefits match let alone overtake the expenditure.

Financing still carries liability to the financier. With a rental agreement, once the agreement ends, the hardware can simply be returned.

Yes. You can upgrade your hardware and software at any time during the contract. Downgrades and flexibility to return up to 10% of devices on a 12-month contract / 20% of devices on a 24 & 36 contract – minimum qty required 25 devices per contract.

No: In the event of user device misplacement or damage, we will replace the device with a similar unit within our agreed SLA. The client is liable for a hardware replacement fee specified on the price list.

All equipment is wiped or re-imaged within full POPI compliance (3-part and onsite wipes can be requested).

Internationally, HaaS sells guaranteed uptime at the required spec, regardless of the age of the machines provided. Y2K only deploys devices that pass a comprehensive assessment, and undergo a rigorous refurb process that returns their appearance to near-new conditions.