Vox 911

When accidents happen or criminals come knocking, make sure you raise the alarm at the touch of a button with the Vox 911 app. By turning your smartphone into a portable emergency panic button and tracking system, Vox 911 instantly notifies relevant emergency services of your situation, as well as alerts your friends, family and neighbours. Whether it’s medical, roadside or armed response assistance you need, load multiple family members under one account and get SMS notifications whenever an alert is received. While you can’t prevent the inevitable, you can be prepared when disaster strikes. Vox 911 is available for download from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

How It Works


Monitoring (self-managed)

A cost-effective, quality and reliable premises monitoring solution.

Indoor and outdoor cameras

Choose from either the 4 or 8 indoor or outdoor camera solutions.

Network-attached storage (NAS) recording

Includes all standard features for hard drive recording. Choose from continuous, scheduled, or event triggered recording with Smart playback.

QR code Scan Remote Login

Setup is simple. scan the DVR QR code to receive your remote access authentication code and keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world (requires an internet connection)

High Definition Recording

Set your DVR to either record in Standard or High definition. See more details in the FAQ section.

Day and night capable

Always keep an eye on your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV or Closed-circuit television is a video surveillance system that consists of Security Cameras transmitting live video feeds to a DVR unit.

A Digital Video Recorder receives and records Video feeds from linked Security Cameras. You can choose from the options when to record (continuous, holiday seasons, or triggered events). Events are detected movement in the Camera’s field of vision.

The solution comes with a 1 Terabyte Hard drive. You can set the DVR to record in either standard or high definition. The video quality will determine the maximum recording time available on the hard drive. 4 Cameras Continuous HD Recording: 12 Days approximately 8 Cameras Continuous HD Recording: 6 Days approximately

Video recording is to a max of 720p (1280 x 720)

There are two types of cameras to choose from. Indoors: Fixed, with a 20-meter IR night vision range. Angle of View: 70.9° Outdoors: Fixed, Manually adjustable “Eyeball” Lens, with a 20-meter IR night vision range. Angle of View: 71°

If you want to log in remotely and view live Video feeds, then yes the CCTV solution needs to be connected to your home internet.