Still tethered to your expensive landline handset? Walk free, and talk cheap with the Supafone – a cordless phone with ‘super powers’. This German-engineered device maximises your ADSL investment by carrying calls over your existing internet connection. It will save you up to 30% on calls, is capable of HD sound quality and can connect up to six handsets. Supafone runs off ADSL, YahClick satellite, and other broadband services, and allows you to switch instantly between IP and fixed line calls.

How It Works


Loads of free extras

Enjoy caller line identification, itemised call billing, free Y2K -to-Y2K calls and voicemail – at no extra spend. Plus earn rebates on incoming calls.

No infrastructure fuss

No need for expensive or time-consuming installation. Supafone plugs directly into your existing router so you’re ready to go in seconds.

Maximum call functionality

Supafone transfers between handsets and offers multiple simultaneous ADSL or satellite calls.

Quality and clarity

Supafone uses IP telephony on our first-tier network, for top call quality and the device boasts a wide range of up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors. Range extenders are available, to increase coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Geographic number porting regulations allow users to retain their numbers.

Yes. Up to 5 additional handsets can be added to the existing solution.

Three concurrent calls (2 over Y2K and 1 over Telkom landline)

Yes. Approximately 35% of the inbound call revenue is passed on the user by way of rebates.

Yes. Calls between Y2K customers are free.

Call quality is very good, as the bandwidth required for a single call is very low when compared to the upload/download speed of the ADSL line. Please do bear in mind that ADSL is a broadband service so downloading huge volumes may impact call quality.