Fat Pipe Business ADSL

Fat Pipe Business is built for small to medium sized companies specifically – to offer the service and connectivity experience they need, at the price they need. We know that a high-speed, reliable internet connection is critical to your growing business, and Fat Pipe Business delivers just that. It’s a premium DSL service, with Y2K ’s network continuously managed to ensure a superior internet experience. Fat Pipe Business plans include five static IPs, and a fully managed hardware service that includes a sophisticated router.

How It Works


Works when you work

Optimised for usage during peak business hours, and to minimize waste during downtime. Ensures that businesses do not compete with consumer downloads.

The Y2K network difference

Our network provides business-class connectivity – fast and reliable, with 13 local points of presence, and fibre redundancy both locally and internationally.

Premium high-speed ADSL

Fat Pipe Business is available on all line speeds, but best suited to Telkom 20Mbps and 40Mbps lines. Data is capped (with optional top-up) and access is unshaped.

Cost control

Fat Pipe Business offer real value for money: prices include VAT, a router, five IPs, bandwidth roll-over, and our renowned service. Top up at just R10/GB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. To a maximum of six times the monthly allocation, i.e. 100GB Fat Pipe Business can roll over to a 600GB maximum.

Yes. The Fat Pipe Business includes a managed router. Y2K will configure the router and ensure that your ADSL service is correctly configured to provide the IP addresses included with the product. There is no need for a customer to provide the router, nor configure anything.

Y2K Fat Pipe Business provides five (5) static (unchanging) IP addresses which you can use for any internet-facing service, e.g. email service, web server, VPN service, etc.

No. As the service is a business service, the midnight to 06:00 free surfing (mainly aimed at home users) is not a product feature.

No. Y2K manages the ADSL router to enable the static IP addresses to be delivered to your network. You do not have access to configure the router.

Log a service call with Y2K Service Centre at help@voxtelecom.co.za or call 087 805 0500.