Firewall Analyser

Firewall Analyser is a cloud-based security solution that monitors and analyses the status of your FortiGate firewall, providing real-time analysis of logs. Enjoy complete visibility of your FortiGate solution with Firewall Analyser’s intelligent alerting and dynamic drill-down reporting, identifying any potential problems before they become full-blown security issues. This includes visibility of network traffic, application control, VPN/remote access, and wireless network connectivity, as well as web content filtering, intrusion prevention, vulnerability scanning, data leak prevention, and anti-virus. Firewall Analyser is scalable to multiple devices, and includes firewall management, and scheduled reporting.

How It Works


Intelligent reporting

Schedule your full reports and executive summaries delivery, and enjoy dynamic reporting on the fly, with detailed reporting for all aspects of traffic.

Comprehensive alerting

Choose from hundreds of templates and filters, from system down alerts to web surfing activity. Capable of unlimited configurations, with delivery to email or SMS.

More control

Intelligent alert signatures decrease alerts received. Choose your “snooze” timeframe from one to 24 hours. Version checkpoints allow for change control tracking.

Solid management

Firewall Analyser enables automatic configuration backups, dynamic domain name systems, and a quick view of system information like firmware versions and licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Firewall Analyser Service provides a real-time analysis of the Fortigate Firewall.

Reports will allow for visibility of all aspects of your firewall including application control, web content filtering, CPU usage, top users, etc.