Empower individuals, teams and organisations to intelligently discover, share, and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device.

How It Works


Document managemen

Consolidate diverse content from various files and personal drives into one central document repository. Documents are managed by business units and functions. Document templates allow for new documents to comply with predefined standards.

Shared team workspace

The ability to create project or department team-based sites for sharing of calendars and meeting notes, tracking of individual’s work progress and the collection of team emails and documents in a single location.

Document approval workflow

Routes documents from one person to another, so that each user is capable of completing his/her own document management tasks by means of a workflow process. The receiver of the document is notified about a new pending document needing his/her attention, and is directed to it for approval, publication, signing or disposition.

Reporting dashboards

Data from disparate business systems are presented on dashboards, enabling a complete view of individual and team progress as well as KPI analysis.