Tamper Alert

Keep sticky hands off your goods, and prevent damage with Y2K ’s anti-tamper solution that’s able to detect an attempt to compromise the monitor device in any way or form. The sensors that report a change in shock, movement and tilt – trigger an alarm, resulting in better security control. Add that to the fact that it generates data, offers traceability, and responsibility boundaries – and it’s no wonder Y2K Tamper Secure is the gift that keeps on giving!

How It Works


Connected security that provides improved security uptime, Y2K 's Tamper Alert is the ideal solution when it comes to keeping your goods safe:

Offers Peace of Mind

Y2K enables business owners to secure any assets that can open and close, that are static and mobile, as well as ones that change in temperature giving you complete control, and peace of mind.

Saves Energy

Power supply is the other ‘Achilles’ heel’ of security systems. Y2K IoT-enabled technology tamper alert devices enable low energy consumption: connected movement detectors can run on batteries for months or even years.

Improves Workflow

The Tamper Alert helps you improve your business’ workflow by monitoring any work done to the asset in question – for example, geyser maintenance. Also, any unwanted event can trigger predetermined workflow like a simple SMS or advanced automation.

Reduces Losses and Theft

Addressing the main weakness of security on gates, doors, windows and other static but movable objects, our Tamper Alert devices ensure your security systems continue to run normally – even if an intruder attempts to jam its signal.


Most security systems are connected with the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM which can be jammed by criminals. But Y2K uses radio signals that can’t be jammed, so our Tamper Alert devices will always transmit movement alerts without any interference if a theft occurs.

Captures Viable Data

Tamper Alert devices report data like temperature, movement, and tilt, which offer key metrics for quality control and traceability. This aids in keeping your valuable and fragile assets in-check, where you can monitor them through the supply chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tamper detection sees a device being able to sense that there is an active attempt to compromise its integrity. The detection of the threat enables the device to initiate appropriate defensive actions like sending a push, email or SMS notification to the device owner.

An unlimited amount of devices can be added and monitored simultaneously. Using the Y2K IoT app, tamper alert devices can be individually monitored. A tamper history view also allows you to monitor previous tamper alerts. These can be cleared so only new alerts are recorded.

On average, a push or SMS notifications will be received within a few seconds. Push notifications are reliant on Internet/data availability. SMS notifications rely on your GSM Network availability.

Although there are hundreds of uses, the most common applications are in farm security. Livestock thieves are using modern technology like GSM jammers to break into farms to steal vehicles, animals and other valuable assets. But not with Y2K ’s Tamper Alert that can’t be jammed. Another use case involves logistics where goods – like medicine and food – need to be stored with great care and under specific conditions in order to be viable. Valuable and fragile shipments can’t be opened alongside the supply chain. Tamper Alert devices report data like temperature, movement, and tilt, which offer key metrics for quality control and traceability.

Receive notifications via push messages, email or SMS when assets are opened, closed or moved. Y2K ’s Tamper Alert will keep you in the loop at all times, with you in control constantly.

There are various mounting options available. The most common mounting options include rivets, tie-wraps and double-sided tape.