Everlytic Enterprise

The most effective digital marketing campaigns in a hyper-connected world are both cross-promotional and multi-channel. Y2K ’s Everlytic Enterprise product is the ultimate 360-degree digital marketing tool to implement your communications strategy: reach clients and stakeholders via email or SMS, with share icons for social networks and website traffic growth, and all customised to reflect your unique corporate identity. A matrix of cloud technology supports various functions such as SMS, email and social media marketing; campaign reporting; CRM and ERP management software. It’s digital marketing made easy.

How It Works


Work with the best marketing brains

Our team can help you create, design and then execute your campaign by uploading, testing, refining and optimising contacts lists.

Rich campaign reporting

Opens, clicks, bounces, geolocation, newsletter hotspots and social media activity add vital insight. Track subscriber growth and website traffic patterns.

Campaign scheduling devices

Schedule, trigger and share campaigns automatically whilst controlling frequency. Everlytic can also send automatic messaging triggered by subscriber behaviour.

Best use of transactional mail

You can engage your customers individually even when sending masses of mails activated by ERP, CRM, billing and support systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

With an enterprise solution you get whole bunch of tools every enterprise client needs, for example: an account manager, completely white labeled environment, dedicated IP sending pools and reputation management. You are also able to create multiple departments and give different user roles/restrictions to the system.

When your company brand displays say, your logos in the application, custom footers and personalised URLs.

Everlytic offers an open API with integration and connect with a few social networks and CRMs. We own our intellectual property and are therefore able to custom develop any integrations you require (at a cost).

Our dedicated account managers are available to assist with best practices and will get the best out of your email and SMS marketing tactics.