RapidNet is an open spectrum wireless access solution for sites where other last-mile access options have been exhausted. It provides high-speed internet (with bandwidth speeds from 1Mbps upwards) for all voice, video and data traffic requirements. RapidNet provides a symmetric 1:1 Layer 2 offering, with a 99.5% availability service level agreement (SLA) and round-the-clock monitoring. This makes RapidNet a reliable alternative to fixed-line last-mile options, or as a redundancy internet access option. RapidNet provides coverage in all metropolitan areas and some underserviced areas nationally – subject to line of sight survey and consent to mount equipment, naturally.

How It Works


Minimal or no contention

Managed and controlled contention ratios mean dedicated end-to-end capacity, with no capacity sharing between clients on the 1:1 product offering.

Scales up with you

Amobia provides considerable flexibility and scalability, with a quick upgrade path, so you always have the connection you need to support your business needs.

Quick deployment

Wireless solutions like Amobia offer clients faster installation times than traditional serial-based technology.

Service guaranteed

Available with a range of service level agreements (SLAs) so you can count on service and availability to pre-determined levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an unlicensed service.

Yes. 1:1 dedicated that can be coupled with dedicated bandwidth.

Yes. Five usable static IPs with the router rental.

Within Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London.