Bulk Mailer

Bulk Mail is a cloud-based software that assists you to send out bulk mail on a regular basis to a database of subscribers.

Bulk Mailer will assist you to:

How It Works


Customised emails

Choose free HTML templates to design, schedule and share email campaigns automatically. Easily track subscriber activity and ROI.

Build a rich customer pipeline

Bulk Mailer allows for a logical flow of attracting subscribers, then managing and ring-fencing contacts for better communication results.

Your contacts analysed

Deep reporting on: campaigns; list performance and trends; and contact activity on delivered messages. Bulk Mailer can then target specific segments or demographics.

Website subscriber growth

Use Google Analytics to measure email campaign success in driving traffic back to your site. Build subscription forms and watch your base grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Geolocation, heat mapping, sending and receiving analytics, Integration into Google analytics, campaign reporting..

Monthly packages based on subscribers or top ups on email and SMS credits are available.

You may purchase top up credits online or via our call centre.