Private APN

Private APN enables your staff to access your intranet from anywhere via a mobile connection. Employees can break out from your intranet via your MPLS, which ensures that your mobile team is always connected. The Private APN package contributes to more secure connection, monitoring of connections and controlling who have access to your connection.

How It Works


Management features

Administrators get access to a feature-rich SIM-management platform, including comprehensive usage reports, limit notifications, and data budget notifications.

Bundle up

Add a bundle for cheaper in-bundle rates. Combined bundles for an entire APN are more cost effective than 3G, and can be managed from a centralised platform.

Dedicated bandwidth

Y2K will ensure dedicated bandwidth on the links between the network providers and Y2K for exclusive use of the corporate APN.


Y2K APN offers users the ability to work from anywhere, where the mobile data signal is available and is perfect for travel purposes and increasing productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private APN is a secure method to connect mobile data SIM cards, via the Y2K network, to your company MPLS or other network. An APN is a configuration which the Mobile Network Operator interprets to send the data traffic to your corporate network.

Ability to keep staff connected, securely, from anywhere, anytime, to your company network without using the Internet. Data is sent directly from the SIM card to Y2K ’s network by the Mobile Network Operator. Y2K in turn sends the data to your company network. Peace of mind that the company data is being used for work purposes, and not for unsecured Internet browsing.

Any new or existing business customer can get this offer through any of Y2K direct sales’ channels. In depth scoping is required to ascertain customer requirements, in order to allow Y2K to provide the best possible solution.

If your corporate network manages your users’ Internet access, then your APN can be plugged into the same systems. If your corporate network users’ Internet access browsing is monitored and managed by your resident IT policies, then your APN users can be configured to use the same systems.

This would depend on what you intend to use the APN for. Data hungry applications, video streaming and content rich services would need more data than a thin client, or terminal session application. Each APN is scoped separately, and no two are commonly the same.