It’s not just your office network that must be protected from malicious code, worms and other cyber threats. Your most precious data is often housed or used on your personal devices – your identity documents, money and banking details, your home address, your family’s private information. For personal web security and protection, Y2K offers the award-winning Kaspersky multi-device antivirus package. Kaspersky is easy to install, secures any number of devices (license type dependant), and includes additional layers of security for online banking and shopping.

How It Works


New Features

You decide who, when and how your personal data and files are accessed. Change control alerts you to settings changes, and private browsing is not tracked without your knowledge.

Your money’s cyber-safe

eShop ‘til you drop with ‘Safe Money Technology’ for PC and Mac. Deployed across both Mac and PC devices, your transactions on trusted websites are fully secured.

Parental control feature

The dangers of kids accessing harmful online content are well documented. Keep your children safe, without the need for hovering, by setting exploration limits.

Easy management

Kaspersky users enjoy easy management of their license and security management settings, directly from the ‘My Kaspersky’ web portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The client will have a central management console to push the license to several devices and machines, which will allow for ease of management and control.

When you deploy the Kaspersky platform, you’ll have a single, unified management console. This makes it easy for you to set policies, pinpoint vulnerabilities and prioritise fixes, and build in the protection your organisation needs.

With a full breadth of security functionality developed into a single platform and managed via a single console, you’ll be able to configure and secure a broader range of devices and platforms, regardless of where the end user is physically located. This keeps your end users satisfied and productive while ensuring your data and devices stay secure.

No. The service can be used on multiple devices, at home, work or while travelling.