Verto Supreme Hosted PBX

Verto Supreme is a fully-managed IP telephony system hosted in the cloud. It works with Y2K Chrome Air (LTE), Y2K ADSL services or any form of Y2K uncontended last mile connectivity, such as, fibre, diginet and microwave.

Below are just a few of the many included features.

How It Works


Voice in HD

Never miss a beat or detail with the clarity of HD voice – using a wideband audio frequency and double the audio samples per second.

Guaranteed service

Take comfort and security in our provision of excellent service, with an inclusive service level agreement.

Cloud communications

PBX hosted in the cloud means flexibility for access, swift implementation, as well as off-site management and storage.

Supported brands

Y2K has done excessive interoperability testing to ensure Verto Supreme works optimally with the handsets we deploy; our supported brands are Yealink, Polycom, Gigaset DECT and iServ DECT.

Voice calling apps

For no additional charge turn your office into a virtual office when the power goes down by having voice calling apps installed on your employees’ mobile phones.

Telephone Management System (TMS)

For an additional R5 excl. VAT, get reporting insights to understand your usage and get the right insights to cut your call costs. Information is power.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephony solution delivered as a hosted service where the PBX infrastructure is hosted in the service providers Cloud / network.

Save on initial and ongoing costs; eliminate office boundaries as employees can work from anywhere; by using a hosted PBX, small businesses can give the impression of being a large organisation with a professional phone system; perfect for multiple sites where centralised and seamless operations are required and hosted PBX’s are scalable which allows your company to add lines or extensions without the worry that you will outgrow your PBX.

For an IPT (Internet Protocol Telephony) deployment, telephone handsets require power. This power is provided centrally via a POE (Power over Ethernet) switch. If the switch does not have POE, then power can be provided via an external AC power supply which powers each phone independently. This scenario however, is not ideal for larger deployments.

No. Y2K has spent an enormous amount of time ensuring that the handsets we connect to Verto Supreme work seamlessly with the platform and that we are able to auto provisioning the handsets which in turn allows us to manage the handsets that are deployed – this includes changes to the handset configurations, managing firmware and bug fixes and generally supporting the solution without the need to send someone to site all the time – which is a key feature of a hosted PBX solution. Therefore, Y2K only supports Yealink, Polycom, Siemens Gigaset DECT, iServ DECT handsets and Vobi (Y2K softphone application).

Yes. Y2K ’s Vobi is an approved softphone client that is compatible with Verto Supreme.

Yes. Verto Supreme has both a user and administrator portal accessible via the web where features and functions of Verto Supreme can be managed.

No. Verto Supreme provides basic telephony functionality with no contact centre ability. One of our on-site PBX solutions will better suite your requirement.

Yes. Verto Supreme supports basic voice recording and is provided at no extra charge. The recordings are stored on the Verto Supreme platform for a period of 60 days, whereafter the customer would need to log into the Verto Supreme admin portal to download them individually then save them. Note that the Verto Supreme recording option is not designed for compliancy purposes.

No. Calls between registered Verto Supreme sites under the same customer will not be charged for inter-branch calls.