SMS Gateway

A high-volume centralised SMS gateway – hosted within our core network – Y2K ’s SMS Gateway enables you to connect to the SMS server via the internet or dedicated data links. The server may have binds to the networks or it may have modems for SMS delivery. Y2K connects your computer system directly to the networks via our gateway using a variety of integration methods (such as web services, FTP, SMPP, etc.), enabling you to send up to 48 000 SMSs per hour, or as needed.

How It Works


24/7 access

Because Gateway is web-based, you can enjoy access to the SMS web portal around the clock, and from any location.

Real volume

Import your database with our bulk importing of contacts method. Then use bulk SMS delivery, capable of sending and receiving thousands of SMSs per hour.

Insight into campaigns

Get real-time status reports on message delivery, and run historic reports to analyse and monitor campaigns.

Personalisation and autoreplies

Not only can you personalise outbound messages, but you can also set up an autoreply to messages received – for maximum engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All the SMS product including SMS Uniserver are offered as cloud products.

Any SMS received by a mobile operator will be charged for even if not delivered.

Yes. If an SLA is taken out 24/7 support is available on all SMS products.

For enterprises, Y2K operates in a corporate environment where pre-paid models are not supported. However, for SMEs pre-paid bundles are available for purchase.