Wireless Broadband

Fat Pipe Business Wireless

Fat Pipe Business Wireless is a high-quality connection, with a fast network you can rely on. We use the best, Licensed Microwave Technology, with proven results. This proven technology, combined...


Licensed Spectrumn

Y2K Wireless

Y2K Wireless is a high-quality wireless connection, using licensed microwave technology. It’s an excellent complement or replacement for traditional fixed-line last mile connections, or a redundancy option to fibre. It...



Swiftly deployed, dedicated symmetric wireless? Yes, please! Broadlink is Y2K 's corporate wireless service - a last mile, fixed-wireless solution that is an ideal supplement or replacement service to traditional fixed-line,...


ISM Band


RapidNet is an open spectrum wireless access solution for sites where other last-mile access options have been exhausted. It provides high-speed internet (with bandwidth speeds from 1Mbps upwards) for all...



Amobia is an open unlicensed spectrum solution for business wireless – symmetric and high-speed last-mile connectivity for voice, video, and data traffic. This service is ideal where other last-mile access...