Cristal Y2K

Cristal Y2K is a complete corporate voice solution which delivers both outbound and inbound voice traffic, at much lower rates than traditional providers. This innovative product provides a real alternative to traditional landlines. It supports geographic and non-geographic based numbers, allowing you to retain your existing business telephone numbers. Porting, installation and maintenance are fully managed by our efficient team, so you can wave goodbye to your outdated provider while we manage the transition. Best of all, your business gets one point of contact and one bill, for quicker turnaround times and better service – and all in addition to great reliable voice calls.

How It Works


Unique financial incentive

Reduced call rates are only the beginning: We offer rebates on inbound calls and do not charge a minimum billing fee.

Smooth number porting

Keep your existing numbers when you move to the Cristal Y2K solution, and we will facilitate the entire porting process for you.

Comprehensive SLA

A solid service level agreement with Y2K ensures you enjoy high quality voice calls, plus 24/7 service and support.

Massive savings

Save up to 60% of your telephone bill with low rates, least-cost routing, and per second billing. And, get rebates on inbound calls to offset call charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, by installing a Y2K supplied voice gateway we can connect to any PBX.

GNP (Geographic number porting) legislation allows for the porting of geographic numbers (like 011, 021, 031 etc) to registered entities like Y2K . Unfortunately, non-geographic numbers (like 0800, 0860, 0861, 087) cannot be ported at this time.

The solution is very scalable and dynamic. Can cater for up to hundreds of concurrent calls.

We offer redundancy solutions to cater for inbound and outbound calls. A standard feature is Call Divert, to allow for inbound calls to be diverted to alternative numbers.


Call Type Y2K Other Providers Savings
Fixed Line: Telkom R0.25 R0.45 45%
Fixed Line: Liquid Telecom R0.30 R0.45 33%
Mobile (MTN & Vodacom) R0.35 R1.14 69%
Mobile (Cell C & Telkom Mobile) R0.41 R1.14 64%
Per second billing Per minute billing
Pricing VAT exclusive Pricing VAT exclusive