Communications Manager

A 24-hour working day means you and your staff are always plugged in. From networking to sales, and expanding your business, you need a single view of your company’s communications use and spend patterns to make informed business decisions. Our web-based Communications Manager tool is an expense management system. In short, Communications Manager does the back-end work for you, crunching the numbers to provide a visual dashboard and alerting you when budget limits have been reached. You have complete control over spend and the use of resources, saving you money and time.

How It Works


Costs under control

Our easy-to-use web-based dashboard puts mobile and fixed-line call spend control in your hands. When budget limits are reached, we’ll alert you via email or SMS.

A single view

Communications Manager helps you track fixed-line, mobile, fax, data and print services from a single portal. It matches and tracks individuals to their business units, making the reporting process seamless.

Reporting made easy

Central reporting gives you one view of all branches and operations, at any time. TMS can schedule reports providing detailed summaries of activities, and red-flag any misuse.


Use statistics in graphical format to help make decisions much quicker. You’ll also cut down on admin, freeing you up to get through your to-do list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard product is a hosted solution which does not have the capability of blocking an extension. To overcome this, we can deploy our TMS services on-site which will have additional cost implications and will mean that you are completely responsible for the solution. A minimum of 1000 extensions is needed to qualify for this option.

Yes, it is possible to mark private calls and business calls separately. Our TMS system is intelligent enough to ensure a user only has to mark a call once. Thereafter any time the same number is called, it will be automatically marked.

Yes. You are able to schedule reports that can be e-mailed to you on your preferred date.

Only in some instances is a buffer installed onto the PBX, but where the PBX can send CDRs directly to our TMS platform via FTP, then a buffer will not be required.

Our TMS is hosted in our cloud and can be accessed via the web.

No. Because our TMS is hosted and can be accessed via the web, it is accessible from anywhere.

Yes, we can set up users based on their access rights which will ensure they only see what the company allows them to see.

We retain TMS records for a period of five years.