Wholesale Voice

Offer quality voice services to your clients with Wholesale Voice from Y2K . This product is designed for resellers who want to provide carrier-grade voice offerings that are scalable, affordable and of excellent quality. Wholesale Voice uses our advanced network, and clients benefit directly from our interconnect agreements with all the major operators – so they can pass on these benefits to their customers. Features include geographic and non-geographic numbers, porting, routing of all traffic types (including fax), and even daily call detail records.

How It Works


Serious support

As a reseller, you’ll get network level support from our expert team, and flexible payment terms on the business end of the deal. Win-win!

Network sense

We have interconnect agreements with all major electronic communications network service (ECNS) licensees, and carrier-grade points of interconnection.

Freedom to work

Take advantage of our skills and experience, so you can free up staff to focus on your business.

Single point service

No need to juggle multiple operators with varying requirements and floor charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a dedicated wholesale and reseller support desk will deal with your queries efficiently.

Ideally an IP cross-connect at vendor neutral facility like Teraco. We do offer SIP connectivity via the internet as well.